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Life Coaching & Consulting

Jean Sprague - Life Coach and Consultant

How You Can Benefit

You can experience the joy, peace of mind and success that you want in your life as you:

  • clarify for yourself ( or just remember!) how you want to live and work,
  • reduce and manage the stress that has been robbing you of happiness, enthusiasm, peace of mind and confidence, and
  • discover and come to trust your own inborn intuition and intelligence in making the decisions that are right for you

and I support and guide you in individual coaching sessions.

As manager of a business or organization, you can raise the quality of service to your clients and increase the success of your business by giving staff members the opportunity to:

  • relieve themselves of stress and enhance their general wellness,
  • increase their creativity and confidence, and
  • increase their individual success

by participating in my stress management workshops

As a dog owner or prospective dog owner, you can easily get the information, practical advice and coaching that, among other things, will help you to:

  • get the dog that is absolutely right for you
  • relax and enjoy living with your dog and
  • successfully reach the training goals that you want to achieve with your dog

by using my consulting services for dog owners and prospective dog owners.