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About Life Coaching

These examples of conversations that I have had with prospective clients (PC) might help you become more familiar with life coaching.

PC: Jean, what exactly does a life coach do?
JEAN: As a life coach, I will provide you with support, guidance and encouragement as you
  • clarify for yourself how you want to live and work,
  • come to know and trust your own inborn intuition and intelligence as you make the decisions that are right for you, and
  • achieve the success, happiness, peace and fulfillment that you want in your life.

PC: How can you help me?
JEAN: Are you ready and willing to make positive changes to your current beliefs and approaches to life, and discover and trust your own natural instincts in order to accomplish the successes that you want in your life? If you are, I will guide and support you in doing that.

PC: Is coaching another word for therapy or counselling?
JEAN: No. Generally, the relationship between a counsellor or therapist and client is seen as one that involves a “problem-solver” or “fixer” and client. On the other hand, the relationship between client and coach is a partnership and the coach considers herself to be the client’s peer. With the fundamental belief that all clients are entirely capable of making the decisions that are right for them, I support clients as they make this discovery for themselves.

PC: I can’t decide whether to make a career change. Can you help me with that?
JEAN: Yes. I will support and guide you so that you can easily make the decision that is right for you.

PC: Can I be sure that the information about my life and my goals that I share with you will be held in confidence?
Jean: Absolutely. I am committed to ensuring the confidentiality of all information that a client shares with me in coaching sessions and e-mail correspondence.

PC: I live outside of Canada can I still access your services?
Jean: Yes. The coaching sessions that I provide are by telephone and supplemented with e-mail conversations.

I would be happy to answer any further questions that you have about life coaching!