Ravenhill Pursuits

Life Coaching & Consulting

Consulting Services for Dog Owners and Prospective Dog Owners

Prospective dog owners

  • Enjoy the process of adding a dog to your family by choosing the breed or mixed breed and individual dog that is right for you ( pure-breed or mixed breed?... registered or non-registered?... “show quality” or “pet quality”?... pup or adult dog?)
  • Feel comfortable with how you acquire your dog (from a kennel or rescue agency?... a “backyard” breeder?...someone looking to place a dog in “a good home”...what about guarantees?)

Dog owners

  • Increase your enjoyment of your dog by taking the approach to training that is right for your particular dog and suits your training goals and lifestyle (basic obedience?... puppy conditioning and training?... a training program tailor-made for you and your dog?)


  • Each prospective client receives a complimentary 20-minute introductory telephone discussion.
  • Telephone consultations: $50.00 per hour ($25.00 minimum charge)
  • Training:
    • Hands-on assessment of your dog for training purposes: $75.00
    • Individual coaching as you train your dog: $50.00 per hour
    • Design of a 6-week training program specifically suited to your individual dog and your training goals: $300.00